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March 2011
IKEA:  Organize your desktop
IKEA Digital Ad -  Organize your desktop


Download here:

We prepared a useful, design-conscious and cost-effective way - true to IKEA's values - to organize and store your stuff even in your second home, your computer. You can download the IKEA e-Folder set, which consists of a background picture with an EXPEDIT storage unit and an icon set made of IKEA's very own organizers to put order to the chaos on your Desktop. The e-Folder set can be already downloaded from three countries' IKEA websites (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).

Digital advertisement created by Laboratory, Hungary for IKEA, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Laboratory Ideas, Laboratory Digital, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Sándor Haszon, Alex Szénássy
Copywriter: Judit Kun
Art Director: Diána Pusztai, Sándor Haszon
Illustrator: Péter Muka
Developer: Gergely Muka
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CuriousPencil's picture

Shoot me. Stab me. Poison me or otherwise remove my eyes from the life that has just read the words "your cold desktop will become a comfy transparent storage unit where you can easily find everything."

Really, I'm not a fan of scoring 'one' for things, I don't do it out of spite. But if there was a button for 'half' I would cut it in half and repeat until I was blind with effort and then score that for this. You're missing the point of a desktop by such a large degree that the effort to explain it could lift dinosaurs from bedrock.

You're taking the idea of folders into such a dark age that you may have damaged Ikea stock just by *thinking* about making this ad. People who use computers are not robots. They are not filing systems.

They do not name all their folders 'folder' as you have in this ad, in white ink on a white background, apart from the Trash, which is also called folder, which is on a blue background.

They do not put things in boxes the same shape and size in uniform rows and columns because they are not spreadsheets nor robots and they do not, by any stretch of even the most deluded Brand Manager's wet dream, want the Ikea logo on little boxes littering their desktop.

This ad makes me almost suicidal with sorrow.

Activity Score 4199
LeeHarvey's picture

Hang in there Gerry, these guys don't deserve your suicide (hmm, 'hang in there' maybe wasn't such a good opening). You are too valuable for aotw. Have a stiff drink and cheer up! Btw I absofreakin'lutely agree with you. Again.

Activity Score 3043
Creative Director
CommandZ's picture

Gerry nailed it, as usual. Such a wrong headed, ham fisted FAIL of an idea.

Activity Score 2515
Creative Director
Martijn's picture

For a long time a had a background image with differently colored squares and I dropped different prject files in different squares. Worked great! This would have worked if they had something that was adapted to my computer, this isn't.

Would have worked better for smartphones: (but not really new).

Activity Score 1876
Copywriter at nurun |

AdBuzzer's picture

Well, I suppose the folders named "folders" are to be changed as you please (I suppose - I haven't tried the app). The boxes also seem to vary in shape and size - at least on my screen...
It's not such an utterly bad idea as far as conveying IKEA storage products' benefits. I'm not sure if the application can really help keeping the desktop less scattered with all sorts of files, but there surely exists a pretty common insight that people find it difficult to keep their desktop neat.

Activity Score 1172
Marketing Manager |

ivan's picture

Yes, you're supposed to change the icons to the existing folder on your desktop so they don't look like folders but the icons and put them onto the background image shelf.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
atb2005's picture

I agree with AdBuzzer. And judging from the average rating, facebook likes an tweets so far, this may very well win in the monthly aotw awards. I am sure there are people out there who would download this. I personally won't as I don't care for such desktop apps and also because they normally hog a lot of memory. But again, as AdBuzzer implied, there is no disconnect between this and what IKEA stands for. One final thing - and this is in response to the CuriousPencil - it may be possible to rename those folders so that we don't have just "folders". And I am willing to believe that's the case.

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morse's picture

It's good, but you have to do everything manually. It's not an application.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

labredonce's picture

This is really not an application, this is just icons for your desktop :(
So decepting !!!

Activity Score 3
crispymoore's picture

As usual the AOTW peanut gallery tears apart a decent idea for no good reason. I love this idea, clean up your desktop with Ikea. Simple. I just wish it wasn't so cumbersome to change all folder graphics. When I first saw it, I was hoping that it would be more of an application. Still cool though.

Activity Score 111
Art Director at ACD MacLaren McCann Vancouver
Anders Holm's picture

I like it alot.

Anders Holm
Activity Score 36
Copywriter at Apt AS
yishuenyeap's picture

Is it still available? When I clicked the link, it send me to a "What's new in IKEA" page.

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