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October 2014


Digital advertisement created by BBH, Singapore for IKEA, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Scott McClelland
Art Director: Marcus Yuen
Senior Copywriter: Angie Featherstone
Project Director: Lesley Chelvan
Account Manager: Manavi Sharma, Jade Cheng
Head of Planning: James Sowden
Social Strategist: Josie Khng
Director: Jordan Quellman
Agency Producers: Daphne Ng, Wendi Chong
Production Company Producers: Bhavna Shivayogimath, Malay Prakash
Production Company: Black Sheep Live
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Meredith Singh's picture

Nicely shot.

Meredith Singh
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Art Director
Morgan M's picture

My first impression of the advertisement was, why would IKEA use a child to advertise furniture? Regardless it caught my attention. The child aimlessly roles through the store that, if you have gone to IKEA, you know is various isles if room scenes. Although captivating, this part of the advertisement was far too long and blunt in my opinion. The ad is blatantly showing people the various things they have to offer, which may be too in your face. It is best to make it seamless and integrate a brand into something relatable, as I’ve learned. It goes on for too long. After a while I was thinking, ok where is he going, is that all this is? A run through the store? It finally gets scary and my attention was held again by the intimidating reference of The Shining. I was scared for the child. It was slightly humorous too once I realized one of the girls was clearly his dad in a wig. Turns out they are his parents, and at this point I was able to identify the target market IKEA was reaching out to, a family oriented crowd preferably middle aged that recognizes the Shining reference. Although the child would not recognize that. It was a good shot at a Halloween commercial however. Tis the season.

Morgan M
Temple's picture

I think you are reading too much into a cliche. The spot is too long and the idea too recycled.

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Creative Director
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Ayeyahyah's picture

why is mom and dad the ghost??? don't get it. and it's too long.

Activity Score 478
Creative Director
damnson's picture

First of all, I hate this brand. And second, this sucks.

Activity Score 11375
Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

Austin Video Production's picture

Fun idea.

Austin Video Pr...
Activity Score 1286
tuna-fish's picture

dudes, this is quoting a famous scene from a (horror)movie [by stanley kubrik, based on a stephen king novel] called "the shining".

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