Death Can Catch You Anywhere, Anytime

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May 2011



Solution: Using the API of popular location based services (foursquare, Gowalla..), combined with twitter, 'Facebook places' and 'Google Latest', we were able to track thousands of check-ins worldwide. With this information we knew exactly where someone was in real time, and could communicate the message in person and that's exactly what we did. We called thousands of people from all over the world to their place of check-in and asked to speak with that person, after he was called to the phone, we've communicated our message in a personal way and reminded him that death can catch him anywhere, anytime.

Synopsis: We all know that one day we will die, but we don't like to think about it, because it's not going to happen anytime soon. Based on the strategy that "Death can catch you anywhere, anytime" and with an innovative use of location based services, we reminded people, that just like we did, death could also catch them anywhere, anytime and that they’d better leave a message before it was too late.

Results: Without any media budget at our disposal , the sudden and extensive interest that the campaign initiated produced numerous headlines in newspapers, blogs, radio and TV coverage, resulted in an 800% increase in recorded messages being left on “If I Die".

Digital advertisement created by Mizbala, Israel for If I die, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

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Is there something we don't have an app for yet?

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we don't have an app that counts the number of shitty apps altogether

Nude Copy
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Copywriter at India
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This is one strong insight.
don't know if ill use it, but it sure as hell got me thinking for a few minutes.
Good job guys.

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this is a pure nerd idea. If they die, they will miss only their computer... i am sorry that this exists.. and even more sad that someone is advertising it.

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