How We Found Our Art-Director

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March 2019


The problem: Our advertising agency was looking for a Russian-speaking art director who could create cool packagings. We wanted to have our ad published by all professional resources and to make sure that about millions of packaging designers learned about it. But we had no money for this!

Solution: We invented a concept of packaging. Then we encrypted a message about open art director vacancy on a label. And after this we sent the case to the world's largest packaging resources where almost all designers are subscribers.

The text of the ad was intentionally written in Russian. Therefore, when the packaging was published, the ad was understood only by our target audience, i.e. Russian-speaking designers. For everyone else, it was just ordinary packaging.

Results: The ad was seen thousands of designers. We succeeded in bringing our message to the notice of our target audience only.The agency received dozens of CVs and hundreds of portfolios.

Advertising Agency: Jekyll & Hyde, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Creative Director: Mikhail Rakov, Artiom Gelvez Kostenko
Art Director: Roman Kirichenko
Copywriter: Mikhail Rakov
Designer: Nadezhda Kulakova
Motion Designer: Artiom Gelvez Kostenko
Sound Designer: Anton Wayer
Account Manager: Elena Palamarchuk
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