Into the Real Ground

October 2017


For soccer lovers, UFFA is the biggest festival in a year. They eager to feel the atmosphere of the ground and passion. But, there are many limits. How can we enjoy the soccer more exciting and dynamic? Why not sharing memorable moments with my favorite players? Heineken, the greatest support of soccer and the fans, invites you to the new world. Every player on the ground wears a uniform, and we are going to put micro cameras on their chest. On the bottom side of the bottle cap, there is a ‘star code’. With this, you can enter the application. Choose the game you want and click uniform number of your favorite player. And you can participate in the game through the player’s eyes using micro camera.

Digital advertisement created by Dankook University, South Korea for Heineken, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising School: Dankook University, Seoul, South Korea
Art Directors: Heetaek Kong, Youngjin Park, Awon Eun
Copywriter: Rakbin Choi
Planner: Minji Lee
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