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April 2014
Happiness Brussels:  #Retweet Bingo
Happiness Brussels Digital Ad -  #Retweet Bingo


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You can now win a contract with Happiness Brussels by completing your digital bingo card at The traditional bingo card numbers have been replaced by twitter influencers in various fields and to prove your social media prowess you must get your tweets re-tweeted by the likes of Le Soir, The Guardian or - why not – Barack Obama.

Happiness is looking for people who understand how brands need to behave in the social media sphere, and know the right tone of voice to use at any time. Prove to be a brand yourself with a sharp tweet. Whether you are a concept provider, photographer, writer, journalist, graphic designer or an übernerd that dreams in memes and talks in hashtags, Happiness Brussels invites everyone for a game of ReTweet Bingo. The winner will enjoy a 6-month trial at Happiness’ HQ at the heart of Europe in Brussels working with clients such as Toyota, Bacardi-Martini and Nivea, an unorthodox agency structure, an iPhone Gold and naturally, oodles of happiness.

Digital advertisement created by Happiness Brussels, Belgium for Happiness Brussels, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Happiness Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Creative management: Karen Corrigan, Niek Eijsbouts, Philippe Fass
Concept provider: Arnaud Bailly
Copywriter: Jan Denys
Development: Thomas Colliers / Bliss Interactive
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