Groupon Christmas 2014 #GrouponSelfie

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November 2014


Digital advertisement created by Dog Ear Films, Germany for Groupon, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Dog Ear Films, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Alexander Wasielewski
Art Director: Andreas Henn
Copywriters: Andreas Henn, Frank Mertens
Photographer: Phillip Kaminiak
Additional credits: Editor Hanna Kruse
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It would have been nice, if they weren't actors.

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nice idea.

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I really like this idea of gift giving for the people we are thankful for. This commercial not only sends a message to get gifts for someone we are thankful for, but also for people we love. This commercial picked the perfect time to advertise their website since Thanksgiving and Christmas is near. Goupon's commercial idea is to attract more people to go on Groupon and see the good deals they have their. I think this ad did a great job by telling short stories for each actor and actress with different occupations. Each actor and actress gives a different story and background by providing different feelings and thoughts for the audience to think about the people who play a minor role in their life, but has done a lot for them. With their efforts, they deserve to be thankful. From this ad, Groupon also uses the idea of social network to get the message out, so others can share and know about the #grouponselfie campaign from popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, and visit Groupon to see great gifts deals for the holiday. Even though, the main point of this ad is the #grouponselfie it adds the fun into this campaign. People not only get gifts and feels the joy, but they can also share the joy by posting pictures of them with their amazing gift. .

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I love this advertisement. It shows that everyone deserves a gift and there is something for everyone on Groupon. The way that people reacted really shows how genuine giving is. I couldn’t tell if they were actors. People like that give a lot but never expect anything in return, so it is astonishing. With the Christmas season coming up, this is the exact reaction that most people hope for when they give someone special to them a gift. This really encases the reason we even buy each other gifts. It is not because it’s a holiday season that expects us to, but because we care about someone. We want to get them something special because we want to thank them and show them how much they mean to us. The way that groupon did their advertisement was perfect for an emotional and story oriented attention getter. It speaks to their demographic perfectly, being as a lot of women typically use Groupon. Women’s response to emotionally driven ads can be very strong. The increase in online shopping is also perfect for this time of year.I first watched the ad without sound. I didn’t know that box talked. But it was just as powerful to watch it without sound, because of their expressions. There really is nothing better than getting that reaction from someone when you give a gift like a trip, especially when groupon makes it affordable.

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