A regular weapon

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November 2018
Greenpeace: A regular weapon
Greenpeace: A regular weapon
Greenpeace Digital Ad - A regular weapon
Greenpeace Digital Ad - A regular weapon


In Russia, lethal weapons are either forbidden or their sale strictly governed. However, there is no law to control the sale of another deadly one we can all access. Widespread and powerful, it causes numerous deaths on a daily basis... 70% of plastic waste is disposable packaging that cannot be recycled or reused, with over 1 million animals dying annually as a result of its ingestion. Humans are not immune either, with harmful plastic microparticles entering our bodies through water and food. To raise awareness of the situation, Greenpeace Russia, has partnered with creative agency, POSSIBLE Moscow, to create an imitation firearm made from single-use plastics.

Digital advertisement created by Possible, Russia for Greenpeace, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Possible Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation
CCO: Vlad Sitnikov
Creative Directors: Artem Filimonov, Maryam Akhunova
Creative: Marat Arutyunov, Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Yuri Korobov, Dmitriy Losev
Art Directors: Wanslez Quaresma, Alena Morozova
Head of Video Production: Olga Rostotskaya
Video Producers: Natalia Kasumovich, Olga Nikolich
Daria Mansurova: Senior Account Manager
Production: Bureau “Working Title”
Director: Anastasia Antonova
DOP: Andrey Skripnik
General Producer: Igor Sayfullin
1st AD: Anna Pischasova
Executive Producers: Ekaterina Panasenko, Ekaterina Galanina
Art Director: Aleksandra Troitskaya
Film Editors: Aleksandr Butov, Ivan Dorogavtsev
Color: Ivan Dorogavtsev
Sound Editor: Andrey Kashin
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