#myAndroid: Taste Test

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February 2017


2019 Clio Juror: Michelle Higa Fox

We had the opportunity to team up with award winning agency, Droga5, to create the ultimate internet quiz for Google + Android. Discovering which Mean Girl, Golden Girl or superhero you are is always a fun way to lose yourself on the internet. And, sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself!

In the spirit of searching for answers to the existential question "WHO AM I?", we created the assets for #myAndroid Taste Test to help people discover which widgets, launchers, wallpapers, icons, and keyboards are most suitable for their Android, based on their Taste Test results. This was so fun to make and we were psyched to be a part of the social media campaign, as well! Take the test even if you use the other phone whose name we won’t mention here.

Try out the #myAndroid Taste Test yourself here!

Digital advertisement created by Droga5, United States for Google, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Droga5, New York, USA
Production Company: Slanted Studios
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Creative Director: Alex Mapar
Producer: Jennifer Vance
Concept Development: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim, Jennifer Vance
Storyboard & Design Layouts: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim
Design: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim, Terra Henderson, Claire Kho, Dennis Moore
3D Modeling: Terra Henderson, Alex Mapar
Lighting: Alex Mapar
Animation: Alex Mapar, Terra Hamilton, Ana Kim, Dennis Moore, Stephanie Swart
Stop-Motion Art Director: Ana Kim
Stop-Motion Animation: Ana Kim, Anthony Galante, Matt Christensen
Fabrication: Junko Shimizu, Ana Kim, Anthony Galante, Matt Christensen, Kelsey Brewer
Compositing: Alex Mapar, Ana Kim, Stephanie Swart, Terra Henderson
Special Thanks: Charlie Whitney, Manny Higa Fox
Client: Google
Senior Interactive Producer: Ryan McGrath
Producer: Alyssa Cashman
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