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January 2020


Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a small country, its capital is not exempt from traffic jams. Small streets in poor conditions, with nonsense traffic signs and WITHOUT A NAME… Yes, nameless streets! All of this causes chaos on the roads. That’s why Costa Rica is the third country that uses Waze GPS APP the most in Latin America. Spending 40 days and 960 hours listen it as an unconditional co-pilot to try to get rid of traffic jams. But Gollo Motors, the largest motorcycle dealer in Costa Rica, came up with a better solution.

What we did?

We used Waze Editor, found the unnamed streets with traffic jams, and we named them with Gollo motorcycle ads with special discount and 24 hours later Waze started to sound like this:

In 400 meters turn onto street: “Drive without traffic jams with a gollo motorcycle with 10% discount.”

In 800 meters turn onto street: “We know that you have 10 hours in the traffic jam so come to Gollo for your new motorcycle with a 10% discount”

In 1.5 km turn onto street: “That traffic jam stole time from your life, get it back with a new Gollo motorcycle with a 10% discount”

In 100 meters stay on Street: “You spend 2 hours a day in this traffic jam, and with a Gollo motorcycle with a 10% discount you will only last 5 minutes”

In 1.5 kilometers go out in Calle: “Good bye to the traffic jam with a Gollo motorcycle with 10% discount”

For two months of campaign we got: More than 800 streets were edited, 27% increase in sales, 250% increase in Gollo Motors searches, 900k drivers reached in a country of 1.3 million getting us $ 300k in earned media with $0 investment.

We just delivered a message and a solution at the exact time it was needed.

Digital advertisement created by McCann, Costa Rica for Gollo Motors, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: McCann, San José, Costa Rica
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