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December 2010


earlier check-in via iPhone or cellphone.

cellphone number on the banner. Then you received a call and a voice gave
you the flight instructions. To control Gol's airplane, you use the numbers
on your cellphone that worked as a remote control. You could fly over the
company destinations making maneuvers like dives and loops while you checked
tickets special rates.

Results: The ad remained on air for 5 days and had an average of 2500 calls per day.

Digital advertisement created by BBDO, Brazil for Gol Airlines, within the category: Transport.

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morse's picture

Very nice idea, I would try this.

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Me too.

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pure interaction. Sure during public transportation will get it high point.

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seems like lots of fun and it gets you to explore the webpage and the destinations. pretty cool and complete piece to me.

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good concept... and the idea

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This looks great, a nice and very clever way to get the people to visit the web page

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Nice one.

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i am ok if it worked

Nude Copy
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Siminovitz's picture

It makes no sense !? Why should you use your mobilephone instead of the keyboard controls ? For smartphone users this would suck donkey-ass and I can't ever see the reason for integreting mobilephones into this concept

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It's to communicate the fact that you can book flights, check in, and check on arrival status on your mobile. Good connection, actually.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Well, makes up for the reason I'll give you that, but using it would still be a pain in the ass

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