Evan Longoria's crazy bare hand catch

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August 2011


Digital advertisement created by BBDO, United States for Gillette, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya
Sr Creative Director: Jon Krevolin
Copywriter: Jon Krevolin
Art Director: Ben Waldman
Production Company: Maggievision
Director: Jon Krevolin
Special Effects: Charlex
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sirvan's picture

Are they serious? This "technique" was played to death a few years ago. Gawd.

Okay. Lookout. Rant:
I just finished looking at about a dozen ads here.
The ads from the supposed "good" shops (BBDO and Goodby) really surprised me. Why? Because they're lazy. Way lacking in creative thinking. Blatant ripoffs, actually. Which is even worse.
The ads from the "crappy" shops (Nitro and Leo B), while maybe not "Cannes Plutonium!" were at least new ideas, and somewhat interesting ads.

I'll take an halfway decent original idea from a "B-level shop" over a phoned-in re-hashed crap from these supposed "A-level shops" any day of the week.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Troll's picture

Dude, I have to say your comments are the exact opposite of your signature "I love everything".
Pretty funny.
It's a viral with a logo slapped on it. Not original, but fun to watch.
It could be worse. Much worse.

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atb2005's picture

Dude, there are thousands of other ads that NEVER make it on here for one reason or another. Go on vimeo, and you'd discover many of them. And then we have youtube.

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Troll's picture

And then we have the actual TV, where the worst ads invade our senses and punish our eyes.

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morse's picture

It's obviously fake, but there are like 5M views on this video, so it must work.

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vidya.shankaran's picture

It was a viral at some point in time and they decided to use it for ad?

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DBB's picture

This is old!
i agree with sirvan but i still like the "viral" technique.

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nickcave's picture

It's very very good as an effect, but what is being advertised, the Rays? That part confuses.

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kurtberengeiger's picture

I'm slow today. What exactly does this have to do with Gillette?

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