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June 2014


To promote the 4th season premiere of Game of Thrones on premium SKY TV cable channel SoHo, we wanted to demonstrate we were just as fanatical about good programming as the fans who watched it. So we gave them the one thing they all wanted - the chance to bring down King Joffrey. We erected a 7m statue of the King in NZ’s largest public square, then invited fans worldwide to bring him down via a massive winch that was activated every time the hashtag #bringdowntheking was used on Twitter. The stunt immediately trended on Twitter, and stayed trending the entire duration of the campaign. Thousands of photos and videos were shared online by those who came to see the statue, and our own daily videos garnered hundreds of thousands of views. By the 5th day the winch had the statue at breaking point. Thousands of fans gathered for hours leading up to the moment, tweeting and watching, while those overseas could watch the whole thing via our live streaming website. Finally, at around 6pm on the night of the premiere, after 875,000 direct interactions with our campaign and a global reach of 66 million people, the statue was brought down. The campaign was the largest live stream in Australasian history, and of all conversations about Game of Thrones worldwide on the night of the premiere, one in twenty was about #bringdowntheking, and SKY TV.

Digital advertisement created by DDB, New Zealand for Game Of Thrones, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: DDB Group, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Director: Chris Schofield
Digital Creative Director: Haydn Kerr
Creatives: Rory Mckechnie, Adam Thompson
Senior Account Director: James Blair
Account Manager: Georgia Newton
Executive Tv Producer: Judy Thompson
Agency Producer: Tania Jeram
Digital Director: Paul Pritchard
Digital Executive Producer: Liz Knox
Lead Digital Designer: Sam Schrey
Senior Technologist: Cameron Crosby
Developer: Cain Coulton
Senior Account Director: Sean Brown
Senior Account Manager: Eleisha Balmer
Lead Digital Designer: Jason Vertongen
Social Planner: Jack Murphy
Digital Planner: Michiel Cox
Photographer: Troy Goodall / IDC
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Great idea.

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Great idea.

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would have been even more chanllenging if there was a hashtag to stop the downfall as well. I mean someone must have sided to Joffrey :P

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You are so awesome:)

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Austin Video Pr...
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Really great thing for fans of GOT!

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