September 2017


Task : In 2018, fur is still a thing. And since it has a revival on the runway, the fight against the cruel fur trade is more urgent than ever. How can we finally kill supply and demand?

Insight : GIFs and the demand for fur are at an all time high since the nineties. And the cycle does not seem to stop.

Idea : An endless GIF shows in an never-ending loop that killing animals for fur is wrong. It fits perfectly to all social media and boils our message down to the core: no sound, no stop. And with just a simple tap, users share the post and play the looped GIF in reverse, breaking the negative cycle.

Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Fur for Animals, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Guiding Teacher / Tutor: Niklas Frings-Rupp
Art Directors: Kushal Birari, Stefan Rotaru
Copywriter: Philip Ziegler
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