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Um, the journey feature doesn't work. And I am a flickr user. I wonder what are the magic keywords that would make the journey come alive, for all I get now is that the system has a traffic jam.

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Did you check the site out, and if you did, did it work? For I've been sitting here for half an hour trying different combinations and even some fairly obvious ones and I just can't seem to get the journeys to work. I am assuming the site pulls up photos based on tags the flickr community gives. I sure hope it is not geotags, for expecting the regular joe to feed that into the search box is stupid.

Can you find out from the team that did this if it's just doesn't work for me (I can be very stupid at times) or is there some problem overall?



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Seems to be working fine for me.

I just plugged in some simple search terms and it came up. I even got some nudity : )

I'm pretty sure it works on tags. When the journey is done you can look click on the photos and go to the flickr account they came from. I did that and flickr users tags line up with my search.


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works fine for me
some terms don't work like if you have a spelling error.
try some city names and see what happens


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Nah. Not working. I used actual tags I took from flickr. I thought it might be some problem with the UAE (flickr is blocked here) but when I went to India, I checked it out. Still no go.

I am a fanatic flickr user, and would love to see people make use of flickr and its awesome community and photos in such efforts, but when it doesn't work, it pisses me off a tad.

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