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August 2011


Digital advertisement created by Institute of Design, Germany for Fisherman's Friend, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising School: Institute of Design, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors / Art Directors / Copywriters: Christian Baur, Thimon Machatzke
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andylefty's picture

Ermmm no sorry. Not seeing how this links to product or why anyone would do it or how it works.
It's different and nicely shot.
Can anyone shine some light on this?

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Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
morse's picture

Nice idea.

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DBB's picture

Nice and fun, and i can even see a connection with the staying close part which im not sure they ment, but when you breath smells, no one wants to be near you.

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Jexep's picture

How could application detect they are following those instructions? anyone?

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There's a GQ, in Pentagon, watching them.

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theRiddle's picture

Distances are controlled by Bluetooth and GPS, movements by the accelerometer. And for the rest theres a GQ, in Pentagon, watching them.

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skol101's picture

How do they get around when GQ goes off the grid?

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the Digitalists Agency
kleenex's picture

seems fun...

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Web Designer/Developer
Taylormade's picture

A fun idea... that has nothing to do with treating a sore throat.

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derwawa's picture

I was waiting for the resolution "fisherman's friend against bad breath", but no. So it's pointless.

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stickynotes's picture

Fun idea and I do like the technical concept. But I think you find better things to do with your friends then not moving for
30 seconds or going to the toilet together. I doubt that everyone who completes the game will get the grand party as a prize.

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skol101's picture

I wonder how quickly their phones will die when bluetooth and gps is switched on every phone along with display constantly on.

Apart from that, how about party of two visiting all kinds of romantic places around a city. I could see value in that play, once. Or, with enough variety in challenges, repeat usage is probable.

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