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May 2011


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Fiat Street Evo it’s the most surprising catalog a car has ever seen. It’s an app (for iPhone and Android) that recognizes traffic signs and transforms them into features of the new Punto Evo. The app recognizes traffic signs as if they were QR codes and it associates each sign with a feature directly related to that sign. For example; a STOP sign will tell the user all about the new breaking system, a CURVE ahead sign will tell the user that the car has an intelligent lighting system that guides you in curves. And the list goes on with every feature of the car.

But it's no fun just reading a catalogue. That's why Street Evo was actually a game. To get people to use the app, we hid an actual Punto Evo and hundreds of prizes within traffic signs. The first ones to come across gifts got to keep them. And in the meantime, they learnt about Punto Evo and its features. Simple!

Digital advertisement created by Leo Burnett, Spain for FIAT, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Chacho Puebla
Creative Director: Francisco Cassis, Sergio Lobo
Copywriter: Francisco Cassis
Art Directors: Fred Bosch, Sergio Lobo
Interactive Creative: Fred Bosch
Creative Advisor: Tura
Head of Digital: Asier García, Victor Moreno
Head of PR: Sarah Okrent
Head of Programming: Victor Moreno
Account Supervisor: Asier Garcia, Felipe Garcia
Audiovisual Production: Hugo Lage, Rui Lousão
Producer: iPhone Droid
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Highest Rated

liv's picture

excellent; innovative aplication for QR codes.

Activity Score 7
Creative Director
AKesseli's picture

Seems like a good idea, I just don't know what kind of people care about an app that tries to sell a car to you. Who will be walking around learning about the new Fiat so slowly and inefficiently as to download an app and take pictures of signs? Googling "New Fiat" takes 2 seconds.

Activity Score 210
Boston University
atb2005's picture

Well said. 4 stars from me, just for the effort they put into it.

Activity Score 13547
cmateo's picture

Have u seen the case video?
It's not just an app, it's a promotion.
The incentive for users was to find a car and many more prizes behind the signs.
That's the reason people used it and learnt about the car.
A+ for me.

Activity Score 74
atb2005's picture

Yes, I did watch the video. I missed the "hidden prizes" part. That said, this is beginning to grow on me :) I think I like it now too.

Activity Score 13547
adcritic12's picture

I like a lot!

Activity Score 8
wolfson's picture

thats a great idea

Activity Score 89
Art Director |


ad shark's picture


ad shark
Activity Score 186
paulgodoy's picture


Activity Score 3
Creative Director
Lüerzers's picture

No, it´s just another QR-Code based APP which they tried to turn into something fun. Overated, sorry.

Activity Score 108
Archive Magazine |

Don't let it go to your head.
L.A.O.S -

stephenfrid's picture

The best work of this year.

Activity Score 9
morse's picture

Smart idea.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

gcasidyny's picture

I didn't want to feel like a dumbass today!
Clap clap clap :)

Activity Score 86
jimex's picture

the unlocking prizes thing would've been key to drawing people in to using it, but it's a very good idea at its base I'm sure we'll see more people using everyday common symbols as QR codes from now one.
well done.

Activity Score 45
Anders Holm's picture

good stuff

Anders Holm
Activity Score 36
Copywriter at Apt AS
wolfson's picture

sorry Lüerzers Archive, but it isn´t a print ad with a small brand.

Activity Score 89
Art Director |


liv's picture

excellent; innovative aplication for QR codes.

Activity Score 7
Creative Director
Hahalexander's picture

great idea to use traffic signs as QR codes but the different fiat options story is a bit boring

Activity Score 140
Sint-Lucas Visual Arts
adcritic12's picture

I like a lot!

clap clap clap

Activity Score 8
daviddroga's picture

Great idea guys. I love it :-)

Activity Score 20
mserpa's picture

Good work!

Activity Score 13
Ordozgoiti's picture

Innovative and clever. Love it!

Activity Score 235
Art Director at Leo Burnett Iberia
Pollodel's picture

that's genius...

Activity Score 7
Beamen's picture

Really innovative but I'm not sure people will play the game...

Activity Score 225
milvinani's picture

The app is pretty cool and I just love that.

Activity Score 2
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