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April 2012
FHM:  Movie Date App
FHM Digital Ad -  Movie Date App


Our client FHM briefed us, to help men in the most difficult situation out there: the date.
Since most first dates start with going to the cinema, we invented the FHM Movie Date App. As soon as a romantic scene occurs in a movie, the mobile starts buzzing to indicate: now’s the right moment - get touchy with your date and go for it! To spread the idea and get in contact with our target group at the very moment they need our support, we promoted the FHM Movie Date App with posters in the gents' toilets of cinemas.
As the app was launched recently, we can’t say for sure if the birthrate grew just because of our idea – but what we can say for sure is, that dating women in cinema is no longer a problem for the male world.

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Watch the vide:

Digital advertisement created by Interone, Germany for FHM, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Interone, Munich, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Marco Mehrwald, Thomas Pakull
Creative Directors: Markus Böger, Ilker Aslan
Art Director, Idea: Benjamin Weiss
Concept Designer / Idea: Sebastian Schuster
Copywriter: Tobias Schwarz
Account Manager: Simon Heydecker
RIA Developer: David Moldenhauer
Director RIA: Nikolai Bockholt
Technical Project Manager: Peer Weidner
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Creative Director

I really wonder how such a technology can exist. How does it work ? Does it even work ?

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Hey baby, my creepy app says I should touch you now.

Oh wait, it didn't sync properly.



"You read FHM...?"

Wait! Where are you going!

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