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A good cause does not justify any crap one might think would pass for an idea.

Zero stars.

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did a five year old write this?

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WOW!!!! That was bad...... really really bad.....

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i like that all the comments here... which are negative... are made by men! This is AWESOME!

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sorry guys.. forgot to say... WHAT THE FUCK GUYS!

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FCKH8 wants us all to fixate on the "offensive" language and is hoping we'll miss something critical: that they're exploiting the little girls featured in the video. I explain why here:

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I would rather kill myself than watch this.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Its amazing how society works, all are more concern about the "bad words" , than the fact that women does not have the same rights as men in the so call modern industry. I don´t believe in feminism, is just common sense. Same responsibilities equals same salary. I also think that is one ad for to many important facts, is confusing. T shirts are not cool, you could do better. :) girl power is in the spirit of creation everywhere, not in a bunch of girls crying out loud.

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Cant believe this went live. Sad.

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Advertising is made to build awareness, grasp attention, and/or send a message. This ad, although daring, certainly accomplished all three of these tasks. Was it effective? Is the important question. It certainly makes a point. I understand that it is a feminist ad, but does it make the right point or convey the message to everyone? It may not to everybody because some are easily offended. That is the risk to take in advertising. With an ad like this, there are two very strong sides of the spectrum, either people will be positively effected and want to make a change. It will drive them to take action. ON the other hand they may be offended, and only see girls dressed as princesses saying “vulgar” words. I do not see this advertisement being publicly aired, but it could be a good wake up call to society. IT is a different way to catch attention. My opinion, personally, is that it is not very effective. People do not respond to yelling and crying well… especially men. It seems rather immature and cannot touch on the emotional aspect that topics like this often need. It is not relatable enough.

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I like the initial idea that went totally wrong on the way.

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