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October 2009
E.P. Carrillo:  Live twitter feeds
E.P. Carrillo Digital Ad -  Live twitter feeds


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For cigar aficionados, the pleasure doesn't end when the ember goes out. This worldwide community takes deep social pleasure in talking about cigars, sharing news and invitations, and especially in discovering rare and high quality brands.

Understanding that, digital studio ClickFire Media fused Twitter and Google Maps to create a first-of-its-kind branded site that publishes real-time tweets from cigar lovers around the world. heralds the December release of a limited edition cigar by renowned cigar-maker Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, and carries the tagline, "Soon, everyone will be talking about one cigar."

The idea to combine Twitter and Google Maps came from E.P. Carrillio's New York-based agency DeVito/Verdi; ClickFire developed and executed the technological solutions.

To create the site's functionality, the team at ClickFire accessed the APIs of Twitter and Google Maps. While a community of developers has sprung up around Google Maps' API, this particular solution scrapes live tweets, selected for key word "cigar," from all Twitter feeds 150 times an hour-the maximum number of requests allowed-then verifies each user's location and filters the messages for relevance. Every five seconds, it publishes a new tweet on a 2D global map, time-stamped GMT; the servers are located in the United Kingdom.

"ClickFire worked with us to create a branded site that connects cigar lovers around the world in real time, and reveals once-in-a-lifetime moments being celebrated with a good cigar, from sealing a business deal to welcoming a new baby," said Tyler DeAngelo, Interactive Creative Director of DeVito/Verdi. "It's reaching everyone."

"We're proud of this solution," said Peter Corbett, ClickFire co-founder and partner. "It brings Google Maps and live Twitter feeds together ina way no other brands have, in a complementary partnership that perfectly supports the much-anticipated launch of an inherently social product: a fine cigar."

Digital advertisement created by Devito/Verdi, United States for E.P. Carrillo, within the category: Tobacco.

Advertising Agency: DeVito/Verdi, New York, USA
Interactive CD: Tyler DeAngelo
Interactive Design Studio: ClickFire Media
Project Manager: Carolyn Dempsey
Sr. Producer: Ephraim Kehlmann
CD: Winnie Tsang
EP: Peter Corbett
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