Time Machine on your wrist

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October 2019
Emwatch: Time Machine on your wrist
Emwatch Digital Ad - Time Machine on your wrist


EMwatch is a stress tracker with Al-based mental health advisor designed by Ukrainian tech startup Emotion Labs. It is able to prevent 75% of stress-related diseases thanks to more than three years of research conducted by a team of bioengineers and technological scientists. Following its mission “to reshape completely daily stress management practices”, the company launched a new stress-less productivity tool called “Tame The Time”. The most stressful time for the majority of people is the last hour before a deadline. Especially the final 15 minutes. During this period, it is natural for a person to speed up beyond his abilities. At the same time, the person is overwhelmed because of the feeling that time has also sped up and started pushing them.

Digital advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Ukraine for Emwatch, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, Personal Accessories.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine , Kyiv , Ukraine
PR-manager: Denys Shymanskyi
Designer: Olga Lannik
Account Manager: Olga Dovzenko
Head Of Art: Alexey Tertyshnyk
Associate Creative Director: Sergey Beloshitsky
Creative Director: Kosta Schneider
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