Unmasking a Racist Agenda

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September 2018


In June 2018 the Danish parliament announced that from august 1st it will be illegal for people to wear Islamic veils in public. A law that is not only discriminating towards the less than 200 women in Denmark who wears Islamic veils. But is also in conflict with the Danish constitution.

Only a few days after the announcement, the news media Ekstra Bladet created a Facebook event, called ‘The longest masquerade in Denmark’. Starting on August 1st and till the law has been reversed. The masquerade works as a tool for people to freely wear whatever they want to wear, as the law states that if you’re on your way to a costume party, you’re allowed to wear head garments. A loophole the lawmakers failed to see for themselves, and the loophole Ekstra Bladet used to expose their agenda.

Digital advertisement created by Hjaltelin Stahl, Denmark for Ekstra Bladet, within the category: Media.

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