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January 2017
EiTB: Yournalist
EiTB Digital Ad - Yournalist


The first app that lets you check in real time millions of stories on one news item and gives you the 6 most widely differing angles of coverage all over the world.

Without any ideological or geographical bias.

It starts like Shazam.

When they're talking about a topic you are interested, put your mobile at the radio. In real time, YOURNALIST sends it to Watson, a deep learning algorithm which selects the keywords to find just the news that matches yours.

It then searches the millions of media that are talking about it and analyses them in Watson again, but to do exactly the opposite for what it was designed: to find the differences instead of the similarities and give you the 6 most widely-differing points of view.

Advertising Agency: The Cyranos // McCann, Spain
Post Production Company: Oxigeno
Tech Development Company: Xavi's Lab, Glassworks
Creative President: Leandro Raposo
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Colonnese
Head of Strategic Planning: Oriol Bombí
Creative Directors: David Fernandez, Joaquín Espagnol
Copywriter: Jaume Rufach
Art Director: Eduard Cubel
Copywriter: Matías López Navajas
Art Director: Diego Alonso Rodríguez
Copywriter Jr.: Carlos García-Munté
Art Director Jr: Fernando Diago, Xavi Teruel
Production Manager: Alba Riart
Agency Producer: Patricia Franquesa Ruiz
Head of Client Services: Fernanda Pierri
Head of Account Services: Anna Gil
Office Manager: Natalia Chillon
Technology Developer: Xavi Tribó
App Developer: Joan Amat
Executive Producer: Olga Duerto
Producer: Joan Coca
Director: Jerome
Post Production: Artic
Editor: Jorge Yúdice
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