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June 2020
Durex: #Happyfathersday
Durex Digital Ad - #Happyfathersday


Fatherhood can turn a man’s world upside uʍop. Given the occasion of Father’s Day, we wanted to portray this radical change in a memorable and experiential way. But how do you do that within a brand whose main USP is contraception? How can you stand for both parenthood and condom use, at the same time? First off, we chose our main target group – smartphone users. Then, we utilized the unique nature of ambigrams. These are words that can be read both upright and upside-down. By using a special calligraphy font, we managed to make the word PROTECT read FATHER, when flipped around. To finish off our social post, we even wrote the copy out of it upside down! The end result was an “interactive” post that triggered the attention of viewers and made them turn their devices 180° to reveal the whole message. Moral of the story? Become a father ¡ʎpɐǝɹ ǝɹ,noʎ uǝɥʍ Until then, protect yourself! #happyfathersday

Digital advertisement created by Socialab, Greece for Durex, within the categories: Health, Personal Accessories.

Advertising Agency: socialab, Athens, Greece
Copywriter: Dimitris Grimanelis
Creative Director: George Paschalidis
Art Director: Thanasis Chondronasios
Designer: Dimitris Davakis
Account Director: Evridiki Gavalaki
Account Manager: Smaragda Monou
Chief Strategist: Tasos Veliadis
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