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October 2014


The Drop-A-Brick movement is the brainchild of a multi-agency collaboration between barrettSF, Level2 Industries, Pre-Future and Tube Media International, four shops representing San Francisco’s advertising, manufacturing, and production industries. The movement is being self-funded through an Indiegogo program launching today, with the goal of reaching every toilet in the state. Through Indiegogo, the bricks are being sold at cost and sponsors can donate bricks to toilets in need.

Digital advertisement created by BarrettSF, United States for Drop-A-Brick, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: BarrettSF, San Francisco, USA
Creative Directors: Jamie Barrett, Pete Harvey

Art Directors: Martina D’Alessandro, Brad Kayal

Producer: Nicole Van Dawark
Account Manager: Brooks Dennard
Account Intern: Libbie Maine
Senior Proofreader: Elle Banyo

Production Company: Pre-Future

Director: Pete Harvey

Director of Photography: Joel Jackson
First AD: Jamie Barrett
Grip / Electrical: Gus Hoffman
Sound: Paul Dorough
Line Producer: Nicole Van Dawark
Production Designer: Martina D’Alessandro
Locations Manager: Libbie Maine
Hair & Make-up: Brooks Dennard
Production Assistant: Stefanie Ku
Editorial Company: Pre Future

Editor: Ian Montgomery

Audio Record & Mix: Mark Pitchford / M Squared
Animator: Tom Yaniv

Color Correction & Online: Mark Everson, Everson Digital

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Do you have to lower it by hand?

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Creative Director at CrackerJackFlash |

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This add brought a lot of curiously to me in drawing my attention. That seemingly being its purpose is successful in itself. Drop a brick in a toilet? No it couldn’t be. Of course it was not so I clicked on the ad. The ad cleverly uses an expression, to “go number 2” to incorporate a devise that actually goes into your toilet tank. I had never heard of this, because it is directed towards Californians and their efforts to save water in their drought. I understood that, that was the purpose by the end of the commercial, but I was still curious, regardless of whether it pertained to me, so I checked out the website that was simply displayed at the end. No clutter of words and information necessary, again, making this advertisement successful. The website was also amazing. It was really informative and even though I don’t live in California, I’m interested in dropping a brick in my toilet to save money! This product is beneficial in many ways, and everyone seems to need one. This is a great way to introduce a product. There are plenty of people who can relate to it, because it shows all kinds of different people at different stages in life, making it clear that its not for any specific group. That is one thing that makes this product so valuable, it turns it into a necessity with the way the advertisement portrays it. It is a great commercial in that it turns curiosity into a want and need.

Morgan M.
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Haha, funny.

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I like the cause a lot, but this ad? Not so much.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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I loved it..

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Do you have to lower it by hand?

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Creative Director at CrackerJackFlash |

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Senior Proofreader: Elle Banyo.

Classic. Absolutely classic. Two thumbs up for the little details.

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