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August 2019


Every year we run the best digital marketing conference in Russia. Every year we surprise not only with the speakers, but with a promo campaign part of which is a website. This year we've made the first in the country VR website, to amaze, impress and sell the tickets. Digital Marketing Conference is a trendy conference, which demanded a trendy website. Single-screen website is a trend, because longreads are bulky, an old paradigm. There is so much information that it is impossible to spend a lot of time on the website: scrolling is boring! So we've made the first VR-website, which you can examine in all its glory if you have VR-glasses or a cardboard. The main page is both menu and navigation of the whole website.

Advertising Agency: Possible Moscow, Moscow, Russia
Software Developer: Peppers-Studio
CCO: Vlad Sitnikov
Art Director: Igor Smirnov
Motion Designer: Andrey Geraskin
Digital Producer: Ksenia Boyarkina
Head Of Digital Production: Sergey Mikhaltsov
General Producer: Valeria Nyukhalova
It: Dmitry Mihailov
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