What Have They Done?

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July 2018


The What Diversity Gives Us site asks a simple question, “What have [blank] done for America anyway?” Filling in the blank generates a curated list that highlights the contributions of various ethnic groups and other underrepresented identities to American culture, medicine, science, entertainment and nearly every facet of society. For example, searching “Mexicans” yields contributions including the artificial heart, e-books and popcorn. Searching “Muslims” results in surgery, chess and YouTube. Each contribution is linked to a source web site. The site includes a link to the ACLU, encouraging visitors to take action and donate.

Digital advertisement created by Dailey, United States for Dailey, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Dailey, USA
Managing Partners: Jean Grabow, Bill Waldner
Executive Creative Director: Marcus Wesson
Creative Director, Digital: Manaf Al-Naqeeb
Chief Digital Officer: Minh Le
Junior Digital Producer: Jessica Uribe
Senior Art Director: Lina Yaghi
Creative Director: Steve Peckingham
Director of Technology: Mitch Malpartida
Sr. Audio Engineer/ Sound Designer: Henry Correa
Editor: Lina Yaghi
Content Producer: Krissy Derossi Wurzer
Systems Manage: Cameron Cox
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