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May 2016


Clearasil aims to be a teen brand. Everyone who works at Clearasil seeks to make great products for teens. They research teenage acne–but being an expert in teen skin doesn’t mean being an expert in teen-ness. Clearasil doesn’t actually understand teens themselves. Like, at all. And a few “meme” based branded social posts gone awry confirmed that teens can tell when people don’t “get” them, and they’re resistant to misguided attempts to relate.

This year, when Clearasil wanted to build real trust with teens, we realized that the only thing that will feel genuine to teens is the truth. And the truth is: Clearasil is a company located in Parsippany, New Jersey full of highly skilled professionals. So in an evolution of the “Let’s be Clear” campaign, Clearasil is brazenly going where few brands are willing to go: admitting that they don’t know how to be cool to teens. We’re not even close. We are at lost in a sea of lameness.

Digital advertisement created by Droga5, United States for Clearasil, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Droga5, New York, USA
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