September 2019


#CleanMyCity is a series of urban cleanups initiated by CleanMyMac X. To promote our 2019 cleanup challenge, we created Junkman, the first hero made entirely out of junk. Can you scare people into being litter-conscious? We’ve been trying to figure out just that with our CleanMyCity prank inspired by CleanMyMac X. Whenever unsuspecting folks would drop a piece of litter onto the pile, the “junk” would suddenly rise up and chase them back. This simple idea helped us get attention for our #CleanMyCity urban cleanups. Although CleanMyMac X is only a junk cleaner app, we believe that fighting junk should go beyond digital. And everyone can remove a bit of waste from this planet, whether it’s gigabytes or garbage bags.

Advertising Agency: BangBang Family, Kyiv, Ukraine
Copy: Ihor Dehtyarenko
Actors: Tomas Littrell, Andriy Shevchenko
CleanMyMac X Marketing Team: Ihor Dehtyarenko, Halyna Kuzmovych, Daria Polishchuk, Iryna Mazurak
Colorist: Valentin Vernigor
Motion Designer: Dmitriy Gavriluk
Film Editor: Michail Litvinov
2nd Assistant DOP: Alexandr Kucherov
1st Assistant DOP: Nikolay Kondrashev
Cinematographer: Serhii Smychok
Director: Volodimir Veselov
Props Master: Aleksey Sylenko
Line Producer: Svitlana Ptukh
Executive Producer: Volodimir Peresadchenko
Executive Creative Directors: Volodimir / Alexandr Veselov
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