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May 2016


In China – where 25 million cars are sold every year – the number of traffic accidents increases by 10% every year because of the ever-increasing mass productions of cars and ever-growing traffic congestion. We were challenged to improve traffic safety manners of China drivers, which is said to be the biggest reason of traffic accidents in China. We noticed that lone drivers feel upset or impatient and ultimately become self-centered. But we also noticed that their behaviors change when they’re driving with passengers – especially when it’s their loved ones are with them. This was when we realized that the family members’ voice could be used as a very powerful safety mechanism to improve the traffic safety manners of drivers in China.
Introducing Fami-Navi, an intelligent speech app that integrates your loved ones’ voice via an interactive traffic safety book. It records, analyses and converts key navigation phrases into the GPS system. Drivers are then navigated by their family members’ voice, a loving reminder for drivers to drive safely no matter how bad the traffic conditions may be.

Digital advertisement created by Dentsu, China for Citroën, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, China
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