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i got 3 letters for this site:

W, O, W.

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Art Director
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i got 3 letters for this site:

W, O, W.

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Art Director
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It's two letters.

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Itis 5 leters

buena Oliver

tis no a adv is te ad

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Wonderful! Engaging and entertaining. The budget must have been enormous! Gotta love big budgets! But when it asked whether I wanted to listen to it in French or English, and I pressed English it still played everything in French. Was that supposed to happen? Or were subtitles not there? Just wondering. I think, being an English speaker who unfortunately can't speak or understand French, that my experience would have been 200,000 times better had I been able to understand what appeared to be excellent dialogue.

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uhm, who is the Copywriter for
"Reserve at least a half an hour to explore: http://www.stellaartois.com"
I like it

Fk Mikenj
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me. :) Sorry for the typo.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor. This is really fantastic.

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waht a great work. beautiful movie, and well done.
i love the image of the flatt earth floating in the sky.
2 tumbs up for this one

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this is really great. it kept me on their site for almost 45 minutes!

crispy bamby
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Absolutely amazing. Well done to Lowe. Does anyone know which office headed this up? I'm assuming it was their NY/head office...

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The creative concept and the production was done by the Stockholm office, creative direction from South Africa, planning & account direction from London.

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