Complainers vs. Entrepreneurs

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September 2018


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Social entrepreneurship is so unfamiliar in Bulgaria that even many entrepreneurs do not realize that they are in fact social entrepreneurs because their businesses not only initiate change, but also solve real social problems.

That doesn’t mean those social problems don’t exist in Bulgaria. On the contrary, a big part of Bulgarian people see and complain about them constantly.

Unfortunately all they do is complain and never actually do anything.

So how do we raise awareness about Chivas Venture – a social entrepreneurship competition, in Bulgaria - the Land of Complaints? Since whining is so wide spread it has turned into a constant annoying soundtrack of Bulgarian life. So we put it in a song and set it against Chivas Venture finalists and their projects, which are already creating change in Bulgaria.

Bottom line, yes, it is easier to complain, but big things only happen when people act. And what a better first step towards Change than singing about it.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Directors: Petya Savova, Radomir Ivanov
Art Director: Robert Shunev
Copywriter: Petar Pacholov
Account Executive: Alexandra Zlatanova
Video Production: B2Y Productions
Audio Production: Four4Music
Director: Kevork Aslanyan
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Well this did have some nice singing.

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