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February 2011
Chicco:  Times Square


URL: http://www.chiccousa.com/timessquare

In late 2010, McCann NY won responsibilities for the U.S. relaunch of Chicco, a 50 year old Italian company specializing in making babies happy around the world. Here in the U.S. they are little known. When asked, most people have no idea where Chicco is from – Mexico? China? Nor do most people know how to pronounce the name.

Objective: To make a big launch splash with a limited budget.

Website hosting, CMS and streaming to digital billboard: Aerva

Digital advertisement created by McCann, United States for Chicco, within the category: Fashion.

Focus: teaching the correct pronunciation of the brand (Kee-Ko), establishing the provenance and the products, which in the U.S. are car seats, strollers, toys.
Advertising Agency: McCann, NY, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Nathalie Brown
Associat Creative Director / Art Director: Karen Ingram
Creative Director / Copywriter: Steve Nasi
Executive Creative Content Producer: Catherine Patterson
Creative Content Producer: Stuart Shapiro
Business Manager: Wilmien Blake
Chief of Staff: Mark Strong
Business Partner: Neely Baker
Project Manager: Lindsey Rogers
Group Strategy Partner: Jane Goodman
Production: Hush
Creative Director: David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk
Producer: Jenn Mann
Art Director: Laura Alejo
Lead Animator: James O’Brien
Animator: Wes Ebelhar
Assistant Animator: Justin Demetrician
Interactive Designer: Jen Lu
Flash Developer: Nicholas Kircos
Technical Lead: Will Olbrys
Online advertising development: Modstar
Executive Engagement Officer: Biagio Black Goetzke
Production Manager: Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown
CEO: Sanjay Manandhar
Head of Engineering: David Crow
Interactivity Engineer: Rafael Mendiola
Software Engineer: Raam Dev
Software Engineer: Tony Aidamouni
Support & Moderation Engineer: Jon Stoker
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"Say, stupid."

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