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October 2015


Digital advertisement created by McCann, United States for Chevrolet, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Commonwealth/McCann, USA
Creative Chairman: Linus Karlsson
Chief Creative Officer: Gary Pascoe
Executive Creative Directors: Duffy Patten, Bob Guisgand
Associate Creative Directors: Gary Wise, Scott Lenfestey
Global Director of Content: Jeff Beverly
Executive Producer: Kelly Balagna
Producers: Adam Davis, Adam VanDyke, Stuart Moutrie, Vanessa Nikolic
Account Directors: Rebecca Chow, Jacqueline Redmond
Director / MAKE: Zach Merck
Executive Producer / MAKE Founder: Dana Locatell
Supervising Producer / MAKE Partner: Tim Mack
Executive Producer / Spotwelders: Carolina Sanborn
Senior Producer / Spotwelders: Lisa English
Editor / Spotwelders: Paul Sabater
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2 minute documentaries :Every manufacturerer's dream.
Tho this one and the infrared one seem the best...tactical script-wise.

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U r wot u is

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He did admit the Prius was doing it 15 years ago already.. don't know if that's a good thing for this Chevrolet ad.

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