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February 2017
Carsten Höller Exhibit: Self-driving bed
Carsten Höller Exhibit Digital Ad - Self-driving bed


Norway offers a lot of unforgettable accommodation choices on AirBnB, but none more so than the self-driving beds at the Henie Onstad Sanatorium.

Carsten Höller is and experimental artist whose latest work invites people to ‘check-in’ for an extended overnight therapy session using AirBnB. Höller has transformed the Henie Onstad Art Gallery into the Henie Onstad Sanatorium. The Sanatorium allows visitors to become the subject of an exciting array of experimental works reminiscent of a bizarre scientific laboratory.

According to the AirBnB listing, "robot-beds will drive you around the facilities while you sleep, ensuring an unforgettable night. You will also be able to float weightlessly in the Giant Psycho Tank, or soar on the flying machine…"

Anti, Norway is the agency behind the AirBnB promotion.

LINK to AirBnB listing:

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