Live Life to the Fullest

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April 2019


Life is not meant to be lived
In the corner cubicle in a freezing office
Where no one knows your last name
Or in the third row of a matinee show
That you went to by accident.
Life is meant to be lived on purpose, with purpose
Outside your comfort zone
Following your passions
Or your taste buds
No matter where they might take you.
Learn something new – a language, a skill, a dance step.
Try something new – chopsticks, tai chi or crickets.
Wrap your mind and your tongue around new experiences.
You never know where they will lead.
Sometimes, down unexpected avenues
On the most delicious culinary adventures
Or sometimes, to unexpected revelations about yourself.
Life is not meant to be just lived
It's meant to be tasted, savoured, relished.
And devoured with a hunger for more.
So don’t just sit back and wait
Live your best life,
Starting today.

Cardia Life. Live life to the fullest.

Digital advertisement created by Digitally Inspired Media, India for Cardia Life, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Digitally Inspired Media, Chennai, India
Chief Creative Officer: Surej Salim Kumar
VP - Strategic Planning: Jeffin Thomas
Creative Director: Mridula Joseph
Art Director: Namashvi D
Copywriter: Babu Sivakumar
Additional Credits: Manish Kishore
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