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March 2018
Buscofem: My Pain Matters
Buscofem Digital Ad - My Pain Matters


CHALLENGE: Buscofem is a leading brand of menstrual cramps drug in Brazil. Despite their leadership on the market, we were challenged with further increasing brand awareness and sales numbers, while also turning Buscofem into an important player in the digital environment, converting new users and engaging customers to increase loyalty. /SOLUTION So, we’ve created a movement called #mypainmatters to bring women’s pain to light, with especial focus on menstrual cramps. Using data collected through social listening and a national survey of Brazilian women (in partnership with the Sophia Mind institute), we discovered that most women suffer through menstrual cramps. Most importantly, they’ve had to miss out on activities, school or work because of their menstrual symptoms and have had their pain dismissed by others. We gave these women a voice by writing a song using the data collected in the survey, as well as creating an interactive website with key research findings, bringing light to a real social problem, at work and in their personal lives. We’ve launched the music video for the My Pain Matters song on International Women’s Day along with other materials, and used the support of bloggers and influencers to help spread the word. /RESULTS Buscofem has now the biggest fanpage in the healthcare segment according to SocialBakers® and, despite a challenging landscape, sales have increased 19% during the campaign resulting in 68% of market share in the menstrual pain category. The campaign reached over 75% of 18 to 34 year old women, 40% through paid media and the other 35% through word of mouth.

Digital advertisement created by IPG, Brazil for Buscofem, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Advertising Agency: Cappuccino, São Paulo, Brazil
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