Female Beauty in Equality - Instagram Puzzle

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March 2020
BURIBA.: Female Beauty in Equality - Instagram Puzzle
BURIBA.: Female Beauty in Equality - Instagram Puzzle
BURIBA. Digital Ad - Female Beauty in Equality - Instagram Puzzle
BURIBA. Digital Ad - Female Beauty in Equality - Instagram Puzzle


In the “Female Beauty in Equality” Instagram Puzzle game launched on International Women’s Day, BURIBA.com Branding & Advertising Agency promoted equality, at every possible level. The aim was to represent women from different races, ethnicities, religions, sexual identities and social backgrounds, as women in sisterhood. In the campaign, a Jewish, an Asian, a Muslim, a Christian, a Transgender and an African woman are looking at the same direction, for the same goal, equality. The slogan of the campaign, #FemaleBeautyinEquality, also has a specific purpose. We wanted to vanish the word inequality by melting into a different meaning. We highlighted the physical differences and unified them as a female force. BURIBA. celebrates the diversity of female beauty and fights for women’s rights - whether we speak about the beauty industry or the business world. To support future female entrepreneurs the prize of the game was business cards. BURIBA. took advantage of the features of Instagram and this is where the game rules become interesting. On @buriba.iii Instagram page you can find the pieces of the puzzle in a mixed order. You can complete the puzzle by using the Save feature of Instagram. You have to save the pictures in the right order, starting from the bottom and build from right to left. As a help, BURIBA. told which picture is the first piece. Afterward, every piece you save appears in your Saved feed, on the left of the one you saved before. You can tap the bookmark button again to remove the misplaced pieces. When people completed the puzzle, they shared a screenshot of their Saved feed in a story and tagged @buriba.iii. The puzzle with the game rules is available in the feed and highlights of the agency's Instagram page.

Digital advertisement created by BURIBA., Israel for BURIBA., within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: BURIBA. Branding and Advertising Agency, Tel Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Barbara Burian
Art Director: Lili Sulyok
Project Manager: Rebeka David
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