Whopper x Big

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March 2021


Relying on its characteristic wit and boldness in an activation campaign, Burger King Brazil has taken social networks by storm. The brand that never misses a good joke put down the lead for the story of its new action. BK's mysterious post made fun of a “so-called Big”- and even included a photo with a censored tag. The video left viewers scratching their heads, assuming a comparison between Whopper and its main competitor's bestselling sandwich.
But the lead turned out to be just a wisecrack. The truth behind the “likely” comparison between the two companies' best-selling products is being aired now, proving that it was nothing but a joke about the size of their own sandwich (the Big King) compared to that of a Whopper. BK's goal with this campaign is to highlight Whopper's jumbo features. “Our strength never was to take ourselves too seriously. Quite the opposite. Before you laugh at others, you have to learn how to laugh at yourself. That's why we use the Big King to talk about Whopper, but it may be that the shoe fits someone else”, says jokingly Fabricio Pretto, DAVID's creative director.

Digital advertisement created by David, Brazil for Burger King, within the category: Food.

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