March 2019


2019 Burger King x Student Integrated Campaign / Clio Shortlist Winner

This winter Netflix launched “Bandersnatch”. An interactive episode of the popular show Black Mirror where the choices you make changes the outcome of the story. This April Fools, Burger King will release their own take on the internet phenomenon and it’s going to be called Burgersnatch. Burgerking will use a livestream to tell the story of how one man is set out to save the Whopper that suddenly disappears on April 1st. When the stream is live the viewers will use live voting to change the outcome of the story. At the end of the stream the viewers that voted for the most immoral and bold choices are rewarded with a free Whopper since the maniacs will do ANYTHING to save it. By engaging a live audience in the concept of interactive storytelling Burger King will gain attention as well as shareability on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube.

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