February 2021


Flamer: a person who constantly misbehaves and insults during a game chat.

More than 8 million people play League of legends and many of them are serial flamers. We can’t shut them up, but we can change what they say.

We modified the game’s algorithm, so that it shows the word whopper instead of insults in the League of legends chat. To go viral, we challenged the players to share their chat full of whoppers on Twitter. And the reward? Of course, a true whopper!

Because the only flames we like are those of our grills.

Digital advertisement created by Brother Ad School, Uruguay for Burger King, within the categories: Food, Gaming.

Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Montevideo, Uruguay
Copywriter: Deborah Buonomo
Copywriter: Joaquín Delgado
Art Director: Mateo López
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