Beef Jump

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June 2007
Burger King:  Beef Jump
Burger King Digital Ad -  Beef Jump


Check out the promo-site:

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Bogusky
VP / Creative Director: Rob Reilly, Bill Wright
Associate Creative Director: Dave Clemans
Art Director: Paul Caiozzo
Copywriter: Ryan Kutscher
Director Of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Sr. Integrated Producer (Broadcast): Anthony Nelson
Production Company: Acne Film/tempomedia
Director: Acne
Executive Producer: Richard Björlin/acne And Alexander Schildt/tempomedia
Producer: Richard Björlin/acne
Line Producer: Sebastian Schroer/tempomedia
Director Of Photography: Carl Nilsson
Editor: Joakim Boije
Music Company: Upright Music
Post Production: Sto.pp
Post Flame Artist: Johan Boije
Editorial Company: Sto.pp
Colorist: Carl Skaff
Audio/mix House: Housework
Mixer: Martin Dahl
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FAHAD's picture

am still missing the model's names

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Art Director
ivan's picture

And phone numbers... ;)

Creative Director at Ads of the World
salamandos's picture

what a boring concept, shame on you cpb

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Art Director
Kelevra's picture

Lol thats crazy... Trust the Germans to think of it.

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Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture

Ron Hammer would kick his "proll"-ass

Jarne von Wolfsburg
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Copywriter |

* * * * *

desailly's picture

Does Alex Bogusky "create" anything that doesn't involves bikinis these days?

Far, far funnier than the concept: the endless list of "creatives" that produced it. How many senior vice-presidents in charge of creative does it take to change a light bulb?

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pixelbomb1's picture


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Arnold Santillan

hillbill's picture

gay and Lame all at the same time. Well done.

ripster's picture

i doubt that this is cpb's real own work and by the way, they're doing different stuff than just boobs and axx flavours.

but of course, this is awful

Aside from Burger King International the subsidiary Burger King Germany has it's own stance around creativity and from what i've read on other german sites Burger King attempted to cheaply copy the famous RON HAMMER from the DIY chain HORNBACH

i strongly doubt that Alex B. was reading these copylines. It more feels like a babelfish translation.

anyway, shame on CPB of selling their meat

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Friday's picture

@ ripster

sorry, but it is cpb's real own work, w/out any "help" by german creative people.

and yes it's awful and pretty much borrowed.

overlycritical's picture

These comments seem insanely vile. This is a 20 second TV spot, with a website to support the spot.
It's selling a burger. ON the site, there is a contest. Take a photo of yourself, in a bikini eating a burger. Try to put aside your ad nerd hats for a second, and remember, that you like looking at wet, naked girls eating meat. Also, watch the spot. It's funny.

Yes, It's similar to Ron Hammer. Did anyone consider that CPB has no idea who Ron Hammer is? It was not exactly an international sensation. Yes, if they are doing international work, they should know it. But, obviously the client led them down a bad path.

Lighten up. We're eating meat, making fun of stuff and looking at hot half naked women.

salamandos's picture

It wants to sell a burger but it does not succeed at this and it is simply not funny.
I don't care whether they knew about Heimat's campaign or not.

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Art Director
overlycritical's picture

Relax. Take a step back. Get some fresh air.

salamandos's picture


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Art Director
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