1 Scream = 1 Whopper

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October 2020

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Scaring someone is a hard task, we value the effort that requires to make someone scream, so this Halloween, we have changed the value of our Whoppers and you can get one for free, if you send us a video scaring someone else. The more you scare, the more you can eat. Scare your way, enjoy your way.

Digital advertisement created by Wolf BCPP, Chile for Burger King, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Wolf BCPP, Santiago, Chile
Cco: Gonzalo Baeza
Creative Director: Nicolás Pérez
Art Director: Cristián Mugarra
Copywriter: Hernán Irarrázaval
Account Director: Dolores Pera
Account Executive: Valentina Quiroz
Account Executive: Paulina Vera
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