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April 2015
Building Tomorrow:  Uneducate you
Building Tomorrow Digital Ad -  Uneducate you


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In order to grow the loyal core of the non-profit’s benefactors, Building Tomorrow teamed up with Y&L to launch a campaign to educate people and increase their base of supporters by “uneducating” them. While education may be a hot topic of conversation in our country, that conversation is often limited to the issue of quality and equity, and rarely addresses the issue of simply having somewhere to go. The “Uneducate Yourself” campaign brings that issue front and center through a social call to action.

To remedy the disconnect for people here in the states to the immense poverty that exists halfway around the world in Sub-Saharan Africa - where 33 million children don’t have schools to attend - the “Uneducate Yourself” experience contextualizes the issue at hand and makes it socially relevant to anyone who had the privilege of getting an education by asking them to try their uneducated lives on for size. To accomplish this, Y&L created Uneducate.Me, an interactive microsite that invites users to imagine how their lives would be different if they never had the opportunity to go to school.

Pulling personal information from their Facebook pages, the microsite changes the lives users know to look like the lives they’d have if they had never gone to school; if they had never gone to school, they may have never met their best friend or husband, discovered their favorite author, worked an office job, or left their hometown – and they may have lost 20 years off their lives all because they were never granted access to the four walls and roof of a school. also produces a shareable infographic that users are encouraged to post to social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread Building Tomorrow’s message and help grow its base of believers. And shortly after the conclusion of the Uneducate Yourself campaign, Building Tomorrow will launch a fundraising drive aimed at the new audience of core believers brought to the organization through Uneducate.Me.

Digital advertisement created by Young & Laramore, United States for Building Tomorrow, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Young & Laramore, USA
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