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March 2021
BNP Paribas: Let it all art
BNP Paribas Digital Ad - Let it all art


It’s been 1 year of lockdown. That's 365 days of not going out. No travelling, no festivals and the Summer holidays… well, we’ll see. You don’t want to keep all of that bottled up. It’s time to let it all out.

On LetItAllArt.be, a digital platform, every Belgian can now cry out his or her negative feelings and transform them into something very positive: a personal work of art. Using an algorithm that analyses the pitch, timbre and volume of each person's cry, each work of art is unique.

Each work of art generated through LetItAllArt.be is an example of how the negative can be turned into something positive. A powerful symbol of how resilience is within all of us. All unique works of art - and their screams - can be admired on the digital wall on the website. Be sure to listen to them. A word of warning: you might want to turn down your volume a little bit.

The result of all these decibels will be collected to form the largest art collective in Belgium, painted on an interactive wall in Brussels. You will be able to listen to the screams behind each artwork using your smartphone. It will become a symbol of how Belgium has endured the past year in lockdown. How we have turned the negative into something positive. Edvard Munch would be proud.

Digital advertisement created by Publicis, Belgium for BNP Paribas, within the category: Finance.

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