It's payback time

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August 2013
BNP Paribas:  It's payback time
BNP Paribas Digital Ad -  It's payback time


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Via this website you can put a little bit of pressure on friends that still owe you money after a lunch, festival, night out,... and who "forgot" it. Instead of sending a boring reminder mail, our man can fix it for you and visit your friend on Google streetview to higher the pression. But I'll let you discover it yourself without telling the surprise. The campaign is made to promote Easy transfer, a mobile application with which you can refund your friends via their mobile number, so they can prevent a visit they'll get a new payback reminder.

Digital Production Company:

Digital advertisement created by Publicis, Belgium for BNP Paribas, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium
Creatives: Daniel Van den Broucke, Kwint De Meyer
Creative Director: Paul Servaes
Account: Jeannette Westerhout
TV producer: Marc Van Buggenhout
Film production company: TRS Brussels
Film Director: Jan Boon
Producers: Frederik Zaman, Thomas Landeloos
Editor: Hans Desmet
Producers: Denis Evlard, Sam Biondo, Sam Bismes
Sound: Switch Music
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