Promoting small business through Instagram bios

April 2020
Bio que Importa: Promoting small business through Instagram bios
Bio que Importa Digital Ad - Promoting small business through Instagram bios


COVID-19 and social isolation have complicated the business of several small companies, making them increasingly close to closing their doors and needing help in attracting new customers.

So in order to help these businesses, we created a collaborative platform, within Instagram, where with a small change in personal biography, all Portuguese could become influencers of the good and promote products and works from small projects and businesses that were seeing the health crisis become an economic crisis.

With small ads curated specific for each small business, bios became a new media. Turning visits to someone's profile into opportunities to meet not only new people, but also new businesses.

Copywriter: Ruben Barros
Copywriter: Will De Carvalho
Art Director: João Araújo
Designer: Francisco Lacerda
Motion Designer: Diogo Assis
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