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March 2010
Beach Park:  Slide
Beach Park Digital Ad -  Slide


To experience this ad, click to open it in full size, then scroll down.

To promote Beach ParkComplex (water park and resort located in Fortaleza- Brazil) and its attractions, PMWEB (CRM and Digital Marketing for Hotels & Resorts) innovated/ thought out of the box. Through Insano (Portuguese for insane), one of the biggest water parks slides, nearly vertical drop, the company created the biggest e-mail marketing piece in the world. The artwork utilizes the rolling bar as a way of showing the user the sensation of going down Insano. That said, E-mail Marketing, one of the most classic ways of handing in ideas, products and services via direct marketing, acquires a new dimension: the interaction one, translating to the virtual world a real experience and impacting users like never before.

Digital advertisement created by PMWEB, Brazil for Beach Park, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: PMWEB, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Planning: Caroline Miltersteiner, Rodrigo Schaurich, Karine Osorio
Creative Directors: Andre Nique
Art Director: Brenner Cruvinel e Henrique Pochmann
Copywriter: Andre Nique
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sirvan's picture

I kinda like it!

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

R U serious's picture

" [...] Biggest email marketing piece in the world [...] "??? Pleeaaaseee... What was the previous record? the way, we all should vote for Guinness Book for the title: "The most useless book in the world".

PS: the ad is not bad but these descriptions kill me.

R U serious
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Say my name, say my name...

atb2005's picture

I think they said "the longest", not "biggest". And if they said "biggest", I am sure they meant "longest" as in the longest ad. Maybe the explanation wasn't translated well into English. It does seem a little convoluted.

That aside, this is one the very best ads ever created! It really hooks you.

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fauxjebus's picture

Nice idea. The translation of 'Have you imagine it LIVE' is a bit wonky but I'm sure it makes sense in Portuguese. The type at the bottom is not quite centred but overall I think the execution is pretty tight.

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Art Director at Trigger
hadrianapolis's picture

Its great!!!

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Ramezani's picture

no it is not.
look here, this was done better for two years by jung von matt

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Art Director at Art Director
atb2005's picture

Thanks for sharing that link! But these are not quite the same. The IWC one doesn't have this sort of adrenaline pumping feel to to it.

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supertav08's picture

they are different
these you feel like falling
the other you want to discover whats deeper
are the same if you think both are only long banners

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Adaddicted's picture

Both are good.

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Ramezani's picture

of course this one is good too, but nothing new and great, is it?

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bats's picture

its damn cool.

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Hiperion's picture

Simple and fun...
perfect, guys!!!

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ya! cool idea!

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Martijn's picture

I've seen the same for Renault, 2 years ago.

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whatthefudge's picture

As always, I don't give a f**k if it's been done a zillion times before by someone else for a totally different product/service/whatever. This execution is absolutely spot-on, kudos!

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Marlus Lau
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Pccs's picture

Although its quite good, it really looks like the summit on the summit HP hot site.

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xcreativity's picture

great approach!

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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_sai_'s picture

big size

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pepsiice's picture

like the optics :)

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TheUgne's picture

Might be abit lost in translation... but the idea IS amazing!!!!;]

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TheUgne's picture

Might be abit lost in translation... but the idea IS amazing!!!!;]

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Draper's picture

Nice. But Jung von Matt did something similar before. Both are good.

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Creative Director
supertav08's picture

idea is amazing
art could be better

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