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August 2011


Have you ever wished there was an easy way for people to decipher when you're being sarcastic in an email or tweet? This year's BBH Barn interns have your answer: Sartalics, a reversed italics that will let people know when you're being sarcastic.

Digital advertisement created by BBH, United States for BBH, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: BBH NY, USA
Art Director / Copywriter: Nathan Hoang
Directors / Producers: June Kim, Blake Gilmore
Voiceover: Peter Ostella
Additional credits: BBH Barn Advisor Julie Levin
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sirvan's picture

Why? Who the hell cares?

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

atb2005's picture

I don't see adults doing this whole petition thing. Perhaps teenagers? I am afraid it's going to bomb big time. Cute video presentation though.

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kleenex's picture

This is a crisis of the biggest proportions. We must band together to fix it........

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Web Designer/Developer
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Creative Director
Lazarus's picture

Nice attempt at creating something completely useless.

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Creative Director
Bob.C's picture

I believe we have things called emotions for the odd occasions we need that & they don't require reprogramming the world. But nice try ;-)

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Copywriter at Convince Ltd |

= =

jeph's picture

Right. Because EVERYTHING should always have a point. (Where's my Sartalics, now?)

C'mon guys. This is fun. This is artsy. This is rebellious. It may not sell a damn thing, but it gives users a sense of reprogramming/rebuilding the world. Hell. Just enjoy it.

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KbxAds's picture

i am always sarcastic but i write in straight font

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Copywriter at Surat, India |

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