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March 2017

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The theme for Art Fair Tokyo this year is “Art is Alive -We approach art, art approaches us”. To bring people closer to classical arts, we decided to conduct a live performance using William Bouguereau’s masterpiece, “The Birth of Venus” . The concept is “Dress the Venus, who has been naked for 100years” This is an unprecedented art project, where the Venus, who has been naked for 100 years, will be dressed in a handmade dress, designed by Junko Koshino; a representative fashion designer of Japan. After the Venus is converted into a 3D model, the newly designed dress will be drawn on her in VR environment. AI was trained to replicate the style and touch of Bouguereau, and at the end, the dress was synthesised onto the original painting. This is an entirely new Live drawing performance, merging art, fashion and technology.


Digital advertisement created by Dentsu, Japan for Art Fair Tokyo, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director: Kazuyoshi Ochi
Planner / Copywriter: Shinpei Murata
Planners: Takato Akiyama, Kenji Ozaki
Creative Technologist: Ryoya Sugano
Art Director: Naomi Okamura
Technical Adviser: Momoko Yamaguchi
application development main director: Kawamura Shuwa
application development producer: Mizuno Hiroyuki
application development director: Kobayashi Nobuhiro
software developer: Iwamoto Tomo
software development lead: Hirohashi Naoyuki
Engineer: Takuya Ando
Frontend Engeneer: Kosuke Takahashi
Modelers: Yuya Takahashi, Keita Sugiyama
3D Director: Yusuke Koike
Technical Director: Keishu Nakajima
Coordinator: Ryota Yamamoto
Photo Producers: Misa Murayasu, Kenji Hashimoto
Photographer: Takao Nagase
Film Producer: Tatsuhiro Ishikawa
Film Director: Shuhei Yamada
Music: yahyel
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